Rare Breeds

Secretary: Samantha Gray (07415 704102)

Rare breed classes of sheep had for many years been a large part of Trawden show and after a short break they are back!

Rare breeds of sheep are those which fall within the lists of the Rare Breed Survival Trust. Some are there because their numbers are very low and others because of there geographical spread. Animals fall within different categories from critical, to minority and other native breeds.

The histories of sheep and wool within this country have led to an amazing variety of breeds, many developed to live in very harsh and extreme conditions. From the mountain sheep of Wales and Scotland to the sheep of the salt marshes and the southern moors. From those with coarse wool to keep out the wet and wild weather to those with the softest long silky wool much sought after by the increasing number of spinners and knitters.

Many breeds went out of favour with the increase in commercial production after the war and the relative cheep feeds which were becoming available. These were the slower growing breeds and those which had developed to live in extreme conditions. The decline in the wool trade also contributed to there loss.

Now however the benefits of many of these breed is becoming recognised. Better quality of meat from slower growing animals which require little extra feed and those with coloured wool of different textures all have there place now in modern farming.

Come along and see the variety available on the show day, or if you have some enter them in one of our classes. We will have representatives from a range of breeds and our rare breed owners are always willing to tell you about the breeds.


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Livestock Entry Form 2019

Results for the Rare Breed section at Trawden & District Agricultural Society 2018.

2018 Rare Breed Winners