Shire Horse

Secretary: Gary Clough 07999845197

Shire Horse Classes 2019

Judge : Mr C Conlon, nether Alderley Cheshire

Judging : To commence approx, 12.30pm 

Entry Fee : £6.00 Per Class 

Closing Date : 3rd August 2019

Prize Money : 1st – £25, 2nd – £20, 3rd – £15, 4th – £10


Supreme Champion £50, Reserve Champion £25, Junior Champion £20, Reserve Junior Champion £10 

Rosettes to 4th place 

.Sashes for Supreme Champion and Junior Champion. 


All prize winners must enter the Grand Parade

SHS Silver Spoon Award

Affiliated to the Shire Horse Society and Subject to Shire Horse Society Conditions of Award 


SH1 Yearling Colt, Filly or Gelding.

SH2 Two year old Fill or Gelding. 

SH3 Barren Mare or Gelding, 3 years old and over.

SH4 Brood Mare, 3 years old and over (with own foal at foot).

SH5 Foal, colt or Filly, born in 2019 



Junior Champion to receive the Billings Rose Bowl. Supreme Champion to receive the Trawden & District Agricultural Shield. These are perpetual Trophies to be held for one year. The winners are responsible for ensuring that these trophies are returned to the above secretary in time for the next show in 2020. 

SH7 Young Handler Championship. (Novice handlers may be accompanied in the ring). Max age 18 years. Rosettes to all entrants. 

Prize Money – Young Handler – £10 Champion, £5 all other entries





The Shire horses have always been a firm favourite at Trawden Show, where visitors young and old have marvelled at this majestic breed.

History of the Shire Horse

The Shire horse is the largest of England’s native horses and was used mainly as a draught horse. The Cart Horse Society (later to become the Shire Horse Society) was set up in 1878 to improve the breed. The Shire horse was also used in weight pulling contests. Mechanisation resulted in a decline in numbers but the Shire horse is still popular at shows and with brewers for work within cities.

Height of the Shire Horse

The Shire horse stands 16.2 to 18 hh.

Colour of the Shire Horse

The Shire horse is bay, brown, black or grey with plenty of white on the legs and feet.

Breed Characteristics of the Shire Horse

The Shire horse has a broad forehead with large eyes with a slightly roman nose, thick neck, muscular body and lots of feather on legs. Shire horses are able to pull considerable loads.

Temperament of the Shire Horse

The Shire horse is docile, gentle and hard working.

Uses of the Shire Horse

The Shire horse is used for agricultural work, and as draught horse and show horse.

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Horses Entry Form Returning in 2020    

Results for the Shire Horse section at Trawden & District Agricultural Society 2015.

2015 Winners