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A warm welcome awaits the Shetland pony exhibitors and spectators to the Trawden & District Agricultural Society. The Shetland pony classes are affiliated to the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society and all ponies entered must be registered with the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society.

History of the Shetland

The Shetland pony is the smallest of the British native ponies, which has maintained its small size in its native Shetland Islands for more than 2,000 years. Along with the Exmoor, it is probably one of the purest of all the native breeds. The inhabitants of the Shetland Isles came to rely on these ponies not only as a means of transport, but also for haulage because, despite their lack of height, they are remarkably strong and capable of carrying heavy loads.

The extreme hardiness of the Shetland enables it to thrive under very adverse weather and grazing conditions. In winter they grow a thick double coat through which grows the long straight hair that sheds the rain and keeps their skin dry in the worst of weather. In the summer however, their coats are short and carry a soft silky sheen.

Shetland ponies are measured in inches rather than in hands as other equines are. The maximum height for a Shetland pony over 4 years of age is 42 inches, they can be any colour except for spotted and they must have a profuse wealth of mane and tail. These little ponies are very versatile, excelling in different equine disciplines. Many are used for children’s riding ponies also driving, particularly in scurry competitions when their courage and agility make them very popular with the spectators! The majority of the ponies attending Trawden Show will be used for breeding and the show ring.

To sum up these fabulous little ponies they are courageous, sturdy, full of vitality and most of all a great companion.

2016 Show

2012 Show

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Results for the Shetland section at Trawden & District Agricultural Society 2018.

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